Thank you Doris!

Ten years ago, as she prepared to speak to the National Emergency Management Association, I approached Doris Kearns-Goodwin with my Post-it-bearded copy of her book, No Ordinary Time. earning an immediate, “That’s what authors like to see!”  We talked about my own idea for a book about FDR’s little-noticed 1943 fishing trip, then defined more by questions than answers.  She encouraged me and shared a good research tip.  More than a few times in the years that followed, when stalled before an obstacle, I reminded myself, “Doris told me ‘I think you’re onto something’,” and pressed on.  Thursday, October 18, after a listening to a wonderful talk on her new book, Leadership In Turbulent Times, I gave Doris a copy of my completed book, Advocating Overlord, with my heartfelt thanks.

Philip Padgett examines history by applying skills developed during 40 years of national security and preparedness research and analysis in the military, government, and the private sector. As Deputy Intelligence Adviser at the U.S. Arms Control and Disarmament Agency, he supported from Washington teams negotiating five international treaties and agreements. Read more >>

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