Thank you Doris!

Ten years ago, as she prepared to speak to the National Emergency Management Association, I approached Doris Kearns-Goodwin with my Post-it-bearded copy of her book, No Ordinary Time. earning an immediate, “That’s what authors like to see!”  We talked about my own idea for a book about FDR’s little-noticed 1943 fishing trip, then defined more by questions than answers.  She encouraged me and shared a good research tip.  More than a few times in the years that followed, when stalled before an obstacle, I reminded myself, “Doris told me ‘I think you’re onto something’,” and pressed on.  Thursday, October 18, after a listening to a wonderful talk on her new book, Leadership In Turbulent Times, I gave Doris a copy of my completed book, Advocating Overlord, with my heartfelt thanks.

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