Happy D-Day!

Happy 79th anniversary of D-Day! Over the months beforehand, many brave men and women risked their lives to obtain this OMAHA Beach-West map’s intelligence on fortifications, obstacles, and mines that the Allied soldiers and sailors would face on June 6, 1944. Under cover of a January night, and close enough to hear German sentries, Royal Engineers had crept ashore to hand drill core samples. Thirty-six hours later, they could assure the generals in London that, yes, the beaches and their exits would hold up under the weight of Allied tanks. Note the photo panorama that is keyed to the map to help coxswains and navigators of the landing craft and ships find landmarks ashore. Note also the caution in red that the information was only current “as of 12 May.” Vierville-sur-Mer is where the U.S. 29th Division, including the Maryland National Guard anti-tank company that drilled in my little town of Kensington, went ashore on D-Day.  As you go through this day, please take a moment to remember with gratitude the many who have stepped forward to risk all for our freedom.

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