FDR Library Book Talk of June 16 Can Be Viewed in BookTV’s Archive

The book talk that I gave at the FDR Library’s “Roosevelt Reading Festival” on June 16, 2018, now is available for viewing in the C-Span2 Book TV archive at: https://www.c-span.org/video/?446655-6/advocating overlord  In this the talk, I chose to focus on events in the summer of 1943.  A key milestone in the Anglo-American strategy negotiations was the August 13-15, 1943, meeting at Hyde Park between Franklin D. Roosevelt and Winston Churchill.  Here is a photo of Churchill talking with Eleanor Roosevelt during the Prime Minister’s visit on the grounds of her Val Kill cottage, the place where FDR and Churchill went off under a tree for a critical discussion.  Tropical weight, but a suit nonetheless on a 90 degree day. (National Park Service Collection)

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