Book Talk To Be Broadcasted July 7 and July 8

This Saturday, July 7 at 4:55 PM EDT C-SPAN2 Book TV will broadcast their video-recording of my talk during the June 16 “Roosevelt Reading Festival” at the FDR Library and Museum. I was one of 14 authors giving book talks. Being where key events in the book happened, I focused on the period of July-August 1943 and highlighted events and discussions between Roosevelt and Churchill that took place then at the Roosevelt Estate and Eleanor Roosevelt’s idyllic cottage, Val-Kill. Their meetings, August 13-15, were a key milestone on the way to agreement a week later in Quebec on Allied strategy and cooperation on the atomic bomb. The beautiful day helped to give a sense of what it must have been like when, 75 years ago in the course of swimming and picnicking, two great men discussed momentous decisions. . The talk will be broadcasted again by C-SPAN2 on Sunday, July 8 at 3:55 AM EDT.  Yes, that will be “oh-dark-thirty” on the U.S. East Coast, but not a bad time at all for friends in Europe and the Pacific.  After being broadcasted, the recording of the talk will go into Book TV’s library. That can be accessed at:

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