“The Quadrant Conspiracy” – a New Novel Inspired by “Advocating Overlord”

Writing a book often comes down to choices.  For Advocating Overlord, I decided that stating the case for Roosevelt and Churchill having reached a quid pro quo involving Normandy and the atomic bomb project, as well as being central to the account, was controversy enough for one book. Therefore, I chose to mention an intriguing, close-to-hand prisoner of war escape only once in Advocating through a carefully worded paragraph on page 189. With my encouragement, my good friend and mystery author, James Lewis, took that and ran with it. The result is Jim’s just published novel The Quadrant Conspiracy.

Did the Germans try to assassinate FDR while he was fishing in Canada in August 1943, an attempt that never has been revealed? Well, how strongly do you – or don’t you – believe in coincidence? Hints to what might have happened are to be found in surviving communications (including one’s curious misstatement of facts known at the time), records of actions taken, and the escape of a particular German POW, Peter Krug, while FDR was fishing only 150 miles away. Although far from enough evidence to support a definitive conclusion this still is a great foundation for a fictional thriller.

The Quadrant Conspiracy delivers that through characters with depth in a plot carefully woven from known facts with judicious writer’s license. The book arrives at a very credible conclusion. Jim’s website is: https://lewisthescrivener.com/

As to that odd 1943 communication, I did put a question to the Mounties. And their response? Well, from four decades working in Washington, I can recognize stonewalling when I encounter it.


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